7. You Belong Beside Me, Taylor Swift

7. You Belong Beside Me, Taylor Swift

aˆ?Cause your perform myself like a symphony. Gamble me ’til your hands bleed. I’m the ultimate work of art. You destroy myself. Later on when the curtain’s drawn, with no one’s truth be told there for you back home, don’t weep in my experience your played me completely wrong. Your ruin me.aˆ?

Within this track, a lady laments the time when she was actually rooked in a commitment. She believed that she got genuinely cherished by her lover, but this person was unfaithful to the lady. She feels as though she’s got already been starred, and also this unpleasant skills might have wrecked the girl good perspective about enjoy and connections.

aˆ?If you can note that i am the one who recognizes you. Become here all along. So just why cannot you find? Your belong with me.aˆ?

This tune discusses just how many people chase after others who don’t really enjoyed them. Sadly, these exact same group neglect to observe that there may in fact be someone whom undoubtedly cares and recognizes them, but whom will not be daring adequate (yet) to say how they really believe.

8. Set My Cardiovascular System Down, Sara Evans

aˆ?simply set some air to inhale. A million toxic rips dropping like rainfall around right here. This is actually the best time. The termination of our very own story this evening. I don’t wanna combat. Very set my personal heart all the way down… and walk off.aˆ?

Contained in this track, Sara Evans sings towards aˆ?the best hoursaˆ? of a poisonous commitment. Even the commitment got built on codependency, and now one companion no more desires maintain it. It is time to walk off.

9. Using Flames, Thomas Rhett accomplishment. Jordin Sparks

aˆ?I don’t know precisely why I don’t place it aside, baby. We kiss plus the fires merely become larger. But, yeah, I’m sure once I keep you, baby. I’m all twisted upwards in barbed wire. I get burned, Really don’t see. I will be back once again, provide it with time. Yeah, i am aware, it sounds insane but I guess I like playing with flame.aˆ?

Contained in this tune, the chap knows that he is getting harmed. But like many codependent people, he decides to not move from the unhealthy circumstances and helps to keep watching the person who affects him.

10. Set Me Lonely, Ariana Bonne feat. Macy Gray

aˆ?You’re a risky like. And, baby, you’re no-good in my situation, darling. aˆ?Cause in case places to hookup in Madison you are gonna love me personally and then leave me personally holding right here, I then’d instead your leave myself depressed. Though it affects, you’re a dangerous adore.aˆ?

We have found another tune where in fact the people acknowledges just how hazardous and poor it’s become with someone who mistreats them. In cases like this, anyone decides to get by yourself (and lonely) versus continue being mistreated by the one she loves.

11. Hustle, P!nk

aˆ?we provided you smooth, we offered you sweet. The same as a lion, your arrived for a sheep. Oh no, do not make an effort to hustle me. Your got my personal love, mistook they for weakness. We warranty I won’t continue doing this. No, don’t attempt to hustle me.aˆ?

This song is focused on somebody who has provided almost anything your one she loves, but had been treated badly. She might also have now been ridiculed and had the girl loved declared as a weakness.

12. Grenade, Bruno Mars

aˆ?Gave everyone I experienced and also you tossed it when you look at the garbage. You thrown they for the garbage, yes you probably did. To provide me personally all your valuable admiration is all we previously ask. aˆ?Cause what you hardly understand is actually I would catch a grenade for ya. Place my personal hands on a blade for ya. I’d get in front of a train for ya. You realize I would do anything for ya.aˆ?

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