Dog Magically Recovers From Limp At Mention Of Walk In Hilarious Video

Seemingly easy tasks are often the hardest to complete, as this derpy can testify after gracefully failing to climb into a cupboard shelf. RugburnIt’s the only logical explanation for what’s going on here and we’re reminded once again why we love cats so much. Pole BearShe’s working that pole like a total pro, and it seems so easy, it’s definitely a bear necessity. Alligator variety hourThis derpy Gator looks kind of silly sailing through the water, and now we have no idea why we were even scared of them in the first place.

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  • Alabama Putting salt on a railroad track could be punishable The US is a culturally and geographically diverse country.
  • The only thing this security dog is securing right now is his tail from escaping.
  • He had such a silly expression, on his face, but we now have a very deep appreciation for elephants.
  • Bored people come up with some pretty incredible stuff, so it’s not a wonder that bored dogs are capable of doing the same.
  • We’d like to think that this dog is actually a secret agent, accidentally caught off guard by a security camera.
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Omer Ziv/Flickr You’ll be cited for a moo-ving violation. Doggy back rideIt’s both amazingly derpy and incredibly hilarious, and it totally makes dog sitting a pleasure that we shouldn’t even charge money for. This cat is on a diet, but that doesn’t stop him from indulging in whatever his owner is keeping away from him.

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Rapid and effective decision-making during unusual or emergency situations. This horse loves his massaging vibrator and has no idea how to react to it. So, naturally, he goes with the most derpy expression he can come up with, and it’s pretty funny. A work in progressWell, here is what that looks like, and we got to say, it’s pretty funny to see this derpy dog completely miss his mark. Bored people come up with some pretty incredible stuff, so it’s not a wonder that bored dogs are capable of doing the same. This human doggo pair managed to invent a new game of catch that seems simple at first but is actually very complicated.


He plays with it with such enthusiasm as we’ve never seen before. This is a perfect example of how to be good roommates. Even though the cage is pretty small, this cute doggo makes room for his friend to come and chill out with him. Moments later, the cat appeared to forget exactly which paw was supposed to be injured, lifting his right one in the air instead.

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In the dairy state, it’s not uncommon to pass by fields of cows, sheep, or other livestock. In Racine, it is illegal to shoot missiles at parade participants. Selena N.B.H./Flickr. This is a great example of “it wouldn’t be a law unless someone was a total moron.” Thanks for a truly weird thing about Wisconsin. Clearly, whoever wrote this law got humiliated in a snowball. Reddit’s /r/AnimalsBeingDerps accurately embodies everything people are so obsessed with online — cute animals doing funny things.

Just like Coach drew it upIf that’s the case, we can expect so many more derpy videos such as this, and we’re not gonna complain. Nalco Company is the world’s leading water treatment and process improvement company. We help our customers reduce energy, water and natural resource consumption, minimizing environmental releases while boosting the bottom line.

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Seals are many, things, graceful is definitely not one of them. However, they are many other things – squishy, chunky, and most of all – straight up derpy as heck. This Coyote is a prime example of the inspiration behind the derps that led to Wile E Coyote. This Monkey is proving once again that they’re not that far off from being human – down to the amazing social skills and fake laughs. It’s pretty uncanny to see his reaction to a simple magic trick. They walked over and woke up the sleeping derp, who rushed on back to his caring mother.