The fresh new Cougar 200k is sold with a good level of has for its price-part

The fresh new Cougar 200k is sold with a good level of has for its price-part


One particular preferred are an excellent 7-colour backlight. For example lime, blue, green, a light yellow, teal, a reddish that appears more like a reddish-eco-friendly mix, and you will a light you to definitely appears to be quite from-light (as if it’s got a sign out-of teal involved). Users may either possess a static color or enable the breathing form, which is out away from dark so you can colour, so you’re able to dark, to some other color. It is sped-upwards or slowed down making use of the form and you can “-” otherwise “=” important factors. The latest changes ranging from shade is extremely obvious, without having any apparent reduction in brightness into the measures.

There are also step three amounts of brightness (leaving out out of) getting fixed colour form, every one of which can be changed via the function secret that have the new web page up-and web page off techniques. New backlight try brilliant, in addition to light of it is fairly really dispersed.

As i acquired this new Cougar 200k, I then observed new left side of their backlight do flicker into the some shade, and you will manage tell you blue if this must have shown red-colored. I called Cougar regarding it procedure and you free Pet singles dating site may acquired a replacement instead of issues. Are obvious, that keyboard failing QC isn’t naturally a pattern, but it addittionally is not encouraging. Luckily for us, the good quality and you may decreased problems with the second Cougar 200k was reassuring.

To possess players, with letter-secret rollover (otherwise step 3+-trick rollover) is quite very important; in the games, it’s not unusual becoming running diagonally immediately after which in order to diving or perform some almost every other action. This involves you to drums locate such steps, else players go missing out due to maybe not in fact accepting enter in when caused. The fresh Cougar 200k possess letter-secret rollover for keys commonly used getting gambling (drawing lower than), however the other countries in the keyboard varies. The guitar seems to be around 4+ trick rollover, however, I have discovered which from time to time drops so you’re able to dos-secret rollover in some small components, that are fortunately points scarcely (if ever) utilized in gaming. Such as important factors are yards, n, and you can b. Ultimately, very profiles more than likely won’t ever observe complications with secret-rollover into the Cougar 200k, but it is something to thought when looking at brand new 200k.

The Cougar 200k and makes it possible for this new interchanging of your arrow keys and you will WASD points. To be honest, this feature is largely useless unless of course left-handed. Left handed profiles can lay their mouse into leftover, and not possess their hand and/or keyboard on an awkward updates. We have not located me personally using this actually ever, that said, I’m best-handed and people who are left-passed may find it put with greater regularity.

One to useful feature Cougar comes with try recite rates variations. Utilizing the setting and you will “Q” trick, we are able to put the brand new recite speed to help you 1x otherwise 2x. If you are beneficial, having less some type of sign regarding what recite rates the new keyboard is decided within is actually a little unpleasant. To work it nowadays, I have to hold down a switch, alter the repeat speed, following hold-down said secret again to see which repeat rate it had been set-to originally.

There are also multi-news function layers toward F tactics and you will an effective toggleable playing form you to definitely disables the fresh screen key (none was unusual). And the typical media points (regularity right up/off, ignore, stop, etcetera.), new Cougar 200k spends setting tips with the standard mail client, websites website, calculator, as well as for securing the fresh piano (stopping typing). Brand new lock setting still enables the effective use of the function and you can lock trick — that’d become an amusing error.


When you’re completely influenced by individual viewpoints, looks away from a cello are extremely important. The new Cougar 200k implies that Cougar features tried to carry out a styled, not-overly-fancy keyboard. The application of evident angles and LEDs let carry out a great “gamer” sort of looks so you can they, however the grey and black colored frame enjoys they appearing even more booked. New LEDs manage research a small fancy, nonetheless they toggle, so individuals who hate her or him need not permit them. In person, I favor the Cougar 200k appears, whilst has concept, but doesn’t have a beneficial “1337 Gam3r” consider it (some thing I’m not overly partial to), as an alternative opting are some arranged.

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