Along with its very long records and complicated community, the Arabic empire is a global filled up with a great deal surprise and imagination.

Along with its very long records and complicated community, the Arabic empire is a global filled up with a great deal surprise and imagination.

Its special and vibrant society has stimulated gorgeous labels worth identification since its origins.

Therefore, if you’re looking to find not merely a lovely identity for your baby female but a reputation with a pleased record, Arabic girl names will certainly appeal your. Discover everything the Middle eastern offers and lastly select the title designed for your important new baby.

100 Stunning Arabic Labels for Girls

Locating the perfect Arabic term for the daughter initiate today!


  • Beginnings: Arabic
  • Meaning: Highborn, exalted, sublime
  • Pronunciation: Ah-lee-ah
  • Modifications: Aliya, Alia
  • Namesakes: Aaliyah Dana Haughton, an American performer, actress, dancer, and model paid for helping to redefine contemporary R&B, pop music, and hip hop, making this lady the nicknames “Princess of R&B” and “Queen of metropolitan Pop.”
  • Popularity: Aaliyah is a fashionable label in the US, as it rated #65 there in 2020.

Aaliyah are a fairly, feminine term that “lift the woman upwards” (using the definition becoming exalted) throughout her existence. If you feel that genealogy and social waiting are essential, the name Aaliyah can be a good choose to suit your girl.


  • Origin: Arabic
  • Meaning: person who are lively, really, and delighted
  • Pronunciation: Ah-EE-shah, AY-shah
  • Variations: Aiesha, Aieshah, Aeisha
  • Namesakes: Aisha, the girlfriend for the prophet Muhammad. Aisha Tyler, an United states actress, comedian, director, and talk show host known for playing Andrea Marino in the 1st season of bodybuilder sex chat Ghost Whisperer and Dr. Tara Lewis in Criminal Minds.
  • Popularity: Aisha is actually a fairly common title rated #581 in the US by 2020.

Aisha is the best Arabic girl’s title for parents who want their little girl will get all of the glee lives is offering. There’s a feeling of boldness inside the term, which makes it fitting regarding baby female created to a family of powerful girls.


  • Beginning: Arabic
  • Which means: Clever, bright, smart
  • Pronunciation: A-ki-lah, Ah-kee-lah
  • Variations: Akila, Akiela, Aqila, Akili
  • Namesakes: Akilah Hughes, an US publisher, comedian, YouTuber, podcaster, and actress usually an electronic digital correspondent for MTV, HBO, Fusion TV, and funny core.
  • Appeal: Akilah was an extremely rare term as well as its latest standing was at 2014 at #3329.

Many mothers spot focus on degree, teachers, and accomplishments for youngsters. Should you desire to suit your girl growing into a woman who is well-spoken, highly informed, and an achiever in her lifetime, Akilah is a fantastic label selection for her.

  • Beginning: Arabic, Russian, Turkish
  • Meaning: Noble
  • Pronunciation: Aa-LYAA, AL-yaa
  • Variants: Aalya
  • Namesakes: Alya Manasa, popular Tamil television actress fabled for playing the part of ‘Semba’ from inside the Tamil television serial Raja Rani (2017).
  • Recognition: Alya are rather popular in the usa, score #1564 within the popularity number in 2020.

Alya is a simple to pronounce, rather Arabic girl name that’s suitable to parents exactly who feel their loved ones name is of higher relevance.

  • Origin: Arabic
  • Meaning: Wish, longing, desire
  • Pronunciation: A-mal
  • Variants: Amahl, Amel, Amala
  • Namesakes: Amal Clooney, a Lebanese-British barrister specializing in intercontinental legislation and human being liberties.
  • Appeal: Amal try a rather well-known identity in america at #1105 at the time of 2020.

Amal is a name that portrays longing, need, and hope for some thing. As such, if you’re parents who have waited and longed-for your baby girl, you may find this label completely worthy of their gorgeous baby.


  • Beginnings: African, Arabic
  • Meaning: desires, aspirations
  • Style: Conventional, Vintage, Timeless
  • Enunciation: A-ma-ni
  • Variations: Amana, Imani
  • Namesakes: Amani al-Khatahtbeh, a Palestinian/Jordanian-American writer, activist, tech business owner, and also the creator of
  • Popularity: Amani ranked as a fairly common label in america at #655 since 2020.

Amani try a lovely and strong term with a wishful and hopeful element. If you would like a pretty identity for the kids woman that reminds this lady of how much your expected and wished-for this lady introduction, Amani is an excellent option. An attractive nickname to use with Amani was Ami.


  • Source: Greek, Arabic
  • Indicating: Eternal cosmetic, immediate information
  • Pronunciation: Ah-Marr-ah
  • Variations: Amarra
  • Namesakes: Amara Karan, an Uk celebrity who generated her film debut as Rita in Wes Anderson’s The Darjeeling Limited.
  • Appeal: Amara peaked as a favorite term in the world at #136 in 2019. At the time of 2020, Amara ranks #141 in 2020 globally.

Amara, due to the meaning, is the best name for moms and dads which feel her baby female may be the most incredible girl in this field for them. If you’d like your own daughter knowing so just how breathtaking you think she is, naming this lady Amara is actually a lovely possibility.


  • Beginnings: Arabic
  • Indicating: Honest, trustworthy
  • Pronunciation: Ah-mee-Nah
  • Variants: Ameena, Amena, Amineh, Amna
  • Namesakes: Amina J. Mohammed, a Nigerian diplomat and politician helping due to the fact 5th Deputy Secretary-General in the un.
  • Popularity: a well-known identity, Amina ranked #330 in the usa as of 2020.

Amina is a unique yet prominent name with a beautiful strong meaning that alludes to ethics, trust, and safety. If you are part of a household that beliefs honesty and depend on between relatives, Amina was a lovely selection for your infant lady. What’s a lot more, is Ami and Mina include pretty nicknames you can make use of.


  • Beginnings: Arabic
  • Meaning: One who is an excellent buddy
  • Enunciation: A-ni-sah
  • Variants: Anis, Anise, Anissa, Aanisah
  • Appeal: Anisah has-been an unusual identity since their final position in 2011 at #3666.

Is called Anisah is usually to be considered “one who’s a good buddy,” and that is one of the more amazing properties you could a cure for inside their daughter. In the event that you desire your infant female being the confident and close friend, naming their Anisah was a sensational solution. Ani is actually a cute nickname to pair with Anisah.

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