Do you know the Factors That Cause Teenage Pregnancy?

Do you know the Factors That Cause Teenage Pregnancy?

Unsafe sex will be the cause for teen pregnancy, but there are many reasons surrounding a teen girl’s lifetime that may play a role in an unplanned maternity.

Teen pregnancy means an unintended pregnancy during adolescence and teen many years. In line with the facilities for illness Control and protection (CDC), 194,377 kids were produced in 2017 to 15 to 19 year-olds 45.

Teen Pregnancy Research

Lower than one half of all of the claims mandate intercourse studies as well as for those that carry out, the permission often comes regarding the father or mother, making most younger kids uneducated about sexual activity, the female reproductive system, and effects of unprotected sex – to add:

  • maternity
  • sexually carried attacks 2

Factors behind Teenage Pregnancy

While there are lots of issue that effects teenage pregnancy prices, the number one cause of teen maternity will not change – non-safe sex. America watched a drop in teenager maternity of 7 % from 2016 to 2017, but the U.S. wide range of teenager pregnancies is still greater than in most industrialized countries.

The fall was actually observed across all racial groups, but there are disparities which make some ladies much more vunerable to others. The CDC states compared to those teens who engaged in sexual intercourse, 46 % didn’t use a condom and 14 percent didn’t utilize any way to stop pregnancy.

Known reasons for Adolescent Pregnancy

Since there is one cause causing unintended maternity, there are many reasons for adolescent maternity. (more…)

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